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Chinle Agency Commissioner Charlotte Begaye, Member


Charlotte Begaye is of the Salt People (Ashiihi) and born for The One Who Walks Around (Honaghaahnii) Clan. Her maternal grandfather is Red Bottom (Tl'aashchi'i) and paternal grandfather is Towering House (Kinyaa'aanii) Clan.


She is a resident of Many Farms, Arizona, and a full-time rancher. Charlotte is serving her third term (12 years total) as the Vice-President of Many Farms Chapter.


She has a background of work in the Navajo Nation Chinle Social Services program for thirty years.


Leading the Way publication - (Honoring My Heritage), story on Charlotte Begaye - Click here  , for her story.

Northern Agency Commissioner Rev. Shirley Montoya, Member


The Reverend Shirley Montoya is from Shiprock, New Mexico, Oozei Tachii'nii, nila. Tocich'li'nii yashchiin. Naakai Din'e dabichei, doo Ta'neeszahnii dabinali.


She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Human Services from Fort Lewis College and earned a Master of Divinity Degree from the Iliff School of Theology in Denver.


She is the Project Manager for the Healing Circle Drop-In Center in Shiprock and founded "Sisters in Circle", for support and leadership empowerment for women.

Eastern Agency Commissioner Ramona Begay


Eastern Agency Commissioner Ramona Begay is of the Bitahni Clan and born for Kinlichinii. Her maternal grandfather is Nahobani and paternal grandfather is Tsenahabilnii Clans. Her education background is in Business Administration.


She has 33 years of career service and it includes working as a Park Ranger with the National Park Service, having worked with Navajo Area Bureau of Indian Affairs, and served as Chapter Manager for White Rock Chapter. She served as Council President for White Rock Chapter.

Fort Defiance Agency Commissioner - VACANT
Western Agency Commissioner - VACANT
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